Why PB Tech’s Head of Government and Healthcare chooses the Samsung Galaxy Fold

March 22nd, 2023

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There’s probably one word to describe Peter Bull, the man in charge of getting the right tech to where it’s needed in our government and health sectors – and that word is busy.

To be fair, that’s true of most executives at this level – but working where he does has allowed Peter to figure out exactly what he needs to streamline his time, maximise efficiency, and cut the chaff from the constant influx of information he receives.

Not many people get to go hands-on with the country’s most high-end smart phones – and then take their pick of the litter. But Peter makes the most of the perk. And that’s how he came to the key conclusion: Foldables Are The Future.

It’s easy for Peter to reel off the functions and features he appreciates from the Samsung Galaxy Fold in his hand.

“I’d love to give as many people as possible this experience” he says. “I think it’d blow their minds.”

Peter says choosing Fold is ‘a no-brainer’ for him. “I don’t see why you wouldn't use something that has the capacity to give you a bigger experience when you want it to.”

For work

When you’re on the move a lot, it’s vital to have quick and easy access to everything, including real-time updates, notifications, and calendar info.

The cover screen allows instant communication. Customise it with the apps you use the most. See a call coming in you can’t take? Shoot off a text reply in seconds. Check for news, urgent tasks, and latest emails at a glance. Everything is at your fingertips – and fast.

The main circumstance Peter uses the phone folded – apart from closing it up to fit easily in a pocket or bag – is for voice calls, saying that non-foldable large phones or small tablets used to make that experience uncomfortable. “No one wants to hold a huge screen up to their face – it’s not the coolest look or the easiest way to talk. Then you fold it out and you've got a much more productive, expansive business experience.

“I really don’t think the future will be big ‘slab’ phones anymore.”

The Fold plays well with Microsoft applications, and transfers easily from mobile to desktop. Get a good idea while on the move? Tap open Word or PowerPoint and take synced note instantly.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 for Business and Work
The Fold provides a productive and expansive business experience.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 for Business and Work
The Fold is great to use for video calls and is easily placed on any surface!

Peter says second to emails and calendar, he also finds the Fold great for Microsoft Teams. The ease with which the phone can be placed on any surface and used for video calls is exceptional. And because of the amount of screen real estate, you don’t have to stop doing other things while taking a call.

The size bridges the gap between the usual mobile experience and a laptop – the perfect middleman. Peter says the only time he picks up something else is when wanting to use two hands on a larger keyboard for faster text input. Otherwise, the open phone has all the functionality he needs.

“I walk around with it open most of the time,” he says. “There’s no need to baby it, it’s blimmen reliable. It’s never given me any grief. If you ask me if the concept of the foldable phone, and the way Samsung has executed it, is a good move for my work efficiency and function, I’d say 100 per cent yes. And I wouldn’t go back.”

Of course, anyone in a role like Peter’s also cares a lot about security. The Fold’s side fingerprint sensor is quick and “always hits the mark.” Having business sensitive information, passwords, banking and other high-risk applications behind the biometrics wall can give him confidence – along with two-factor authentication and all the powerful smarts of Samsung Knox.

“It really is a damn secure environment,” he says.

For play

Of course, that sort of thing is doubly important when you’re taking the phone home. Whether there’s hazards presented by kids, animals, or any possibility of losing the tech, it needs to be locked down.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not just as useful outside of the office.

“The camera is excellent, you can get great stills, night shots, and video. The slow-mo mode is fun.”

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 at Home
The Fold is just as useful at home as it is in the office.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 for Photos
The Galaxy Fold presents a new way of taking photos and selfies.

Peter also uses the full screen for GPS navigation and accessing other features of Android Auto while on the move with the family.

“It’s really been a seamless integration of technology into life,” he says. “I don’t have to think about it.

You can just get on with what matters and what's meaningful for you - get to the value point and get back to life in front of you.”

The technicalities – Samsung Galaxy Fold4

  • $2849 RRP for 12GB + 256GB
  • $3099 RRP for 12GB + 512GB
  • 3x colours to choose from: Green, Beige, or Phantom Black
  • Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor
  • 120Hz refresh rate on both inside and outside displays, fast and smooth
  • IPX8 water resistant, stronger aluminium hinge
  • Dual Nano SIM + eSIM
  • 4400mAh battery – for much longer battery life. 25W charging (charger sold separately) + fast wireless charging
  • Front cover screen is a new aspect ratio, more like a regular smartphone in use
  • New screen technology, massively improved efficiency for longer screen-on battery life
  • Massively upgraded cameras with new colour science, great results in daily use
  • Camera + foldable screen enables all-new experiences, e.g. your subject can see themselves in frame when you take the photo
  • Outside: 3x cameras, 50MP main + 12MP ultrawide + 10MP 3x telephoto
  • Inside: Under-display camera – camera under the screen – now 2nd gen, less obvious than before, 4MP - mainly intended for video conferencing - take your best selfies with the back cameras
  • Supports Samsung DeX (“Desktop Experience”), plug into monitor/mouse/keyboard and launch a desktop mode with windowed apps
  • Lightweight, easy to hold, lighter than its predecessor
  • Supports Samsung S-Pen stylus on inner screen for drawing, annotating, and taking notes by hand
  • Like Flip4, Fold4 can be partially unfolded for a stand-up laptop-style mode, useful for video conferencing or watching video with built-in kickstand
  • Big screen is fantastic for multitasking, can display up to 4x apps at once and quick- launch commonly used combos, e.g. maps + music, email + calendar, web browser + notes
  • New taskbar, desktop-style, easily quick-launch or switch between apps

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