Case study: How Emerge Aotearoa reduced costs with modern management

July 27th, 2022

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Emerge Aotearoa is a national charitable trust that provides a wide range of health and social services to strengthen whānau so that communities thrive as a result.

It offers a wide range of recovery and rehabilitation services designed to empower people and support them to reach their full potential.

Emerge Aotearoa acts in accordance with Te Tiriti o Waitangi to better meet the needs of Māori and strive to fulfil the requirements of other cultures.

It celebrates diversity and inclusivity and works in close partnership with people from all communities and walks of life.


  • Efficiency when rolling out large numbers of computers or devices
  • Ability to whiteglove computers and send them directly to staff, bypassing the need for an IT staff member to set the computer up
  • Ability to more easily control and track computers through Intune platform.


Emerge Aotearoa was looking for a way to manage its fleet of laptops and desktops centrally.

The aim was to create further efficiencies for the device provisioning by automation some of their processes to zero-touch deploy its assets to end users.

“The aim was to create further efficiencies for the device provisioning by automation some of their processes to zero-touch deploy its assets to end users.”

Emerge Aotearoa Infrastructure Analyst Brad Palmer

PB Tech Project Manager team leader Tyler Coster knew this would be particularly helpful for the IT team when staff members were working from home and unable to provision their devices at the office.



Emerge Aotearoa decided to go with using Microsoft Intune to centralise their device fleet provisioning and management.

PB Tech assisted them by providing Autopilot enrolment services along with their device hardware.

This allowed the devices to automatically join the organisation and deploy policies and profiles as end-users set up their laptops.

“It allowed us to provision and deploy new computers quickly and easily,” Emerge Aotearoa Infrastructure Analyst Brad Palmer said.

The solution enabled Emerge Aotearoa to save time and cost on manually provisioning devices. Windows Autopilot allowed devices to be remotely configured and deployed without needing IT teams and end-users to be at the same physical location.

Palmer said, “PB Tech staff are generally very familiar with the technology that they support or promote and if they don't know the answer to a problem, they are usually able to quickly find an SME who can help.”



As a result, the Autopilot deployment was fairly seamless, Coster said. Initially, Emerge Aotearoa provided PB Tech with authorisation to upload into their Intune tenant, and the rest of the process was handled by PB Tech.

“Autopilot policies and profiles were set up to ensure devices were up-to-date and compliant,” he added.

Palmer said Emerge Aotearoa was previously “ghosting” hard drives to roll out new computers. In comparison, Autopilot is lightyears ahead of its previous process in terms of efficiency and reliability.

“Autopilot is lightyears ahead of our previous process in terms of efficiency and reliability.”

Emerge Aotearoa Infrastructure Analyst Brad Palmer

Ultimately, the transition helped Emerge to move from traditional to modern methods of managing and deploying devices, Coster said.

Using Microsoft Intune allowed these traditional processes to be replaced, reducing the cost and complexity associated with managing and maintaining assets.

Additionally, since Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based solution, various devices can be managed within a single platform, aligning with Emerge’s technology roadmap.

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